Interiors Colour Trends 2023: Cocooned in Nature, Lavish Maximalism, and Resilient Design

7th April 2023

Hainsworth is well-known for our iconic, timeless fabrics that have been a part of our rich heritage for years. However, this commitment to tradition is also balanced with innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Each year, we explore colour forecasts and seek out trend predictions to inspire our Interiors Colour Trends, which are edited with our complete collection of cloth.

Recent events have seen climate change come into focus. Locally-sourced and responsibly-manufactured products will be favoured over disposable, short-life products that cannot demonstrate their relevance to building tomorrow’s world. In 2023, we expect sustainability to continue to be the prime motivator in design, with a focus on natural and responsible material choices within our interiors.

Moreover, demand for the softest, most sustainable, and most natural fibres will ascend further, with wool featuring as one of the most mindful, natural fibre choices, providing comfort, well-being and warmth, with additional technical performance such as thermo-regulation and moisture wicking.

In 2023, our interiors will continue to be multifunctional, with practical, personalised workspaces and comforting living spaces that boost our mood and also help us to recharge our energy. We’re taking the time to create joyous, inviting, and luxurious interiors that feel like home while being mindful of the planet.

The Hainsworth Interior Colour Trends Edit 2023

Cocooned in Nature

Cocooned in Nature is about creating the most calming, safe, natural and inspiring environment in which we can thrive, whilst using innovative, new ways to express our creativity and our innate connection to the natural world. Semi-precious, mineral stone pastels add vibrancy and harmony to a wide range of timeless warm neutrals; a beautiful way to create a calming, comfortable atmosphere, ideal for rooms where you want to relax and unwind.

Interior trends 2023 Cocooned in nature

Lavish Maximalism

Lavish Maximalism follows on from ‘Optimism’, our zest for a vibrant life has returned and it’s time to inject character into our surroundings; as much or as little as we like to suit our unique personalities. Maximalism is the idea of creating our own spaces through personalisation and individual expression, and is all about expressive colour blocking, carefully selecting materials, colours and patterns in contrasting or harmonious combinations.

Resilient Design

With Resilient Design, innovative solutions connect us to nature, whilst saving energy, promoting a clean environment, and considering the use of the world’s precious resources. The previously unused becomes the precious material as innovators vie to utilise previously ignored or untapped resources, such as waste wool, husks, skins, shells, and wood, in new hybrid composite materials.

These three key colour trends for 2023 have been edited using the entire range of Hainsworth Interior cloth and brought together in a PDF for you to download.