The Fabric of a Nation

Hainsworth is the woollen mill responsible for the look of iconic England all the way back to the scarlet uniforms of the battle of Waterloo. The knowledge and skill learnt over our 237 years is evident in the quality and craftsmanship in every roll of fabric that leaves the mill today, in the lustre, handle, drape and durability of the cloth.

An immensely proud British fabric manufacturer, our roots are firmly in history, and yet our drive to innovate and invest in our people means that our processes have never stood still. As a truly vertical woollen mill, and one of the last remaining in Britain, we are able to process a product from raw fibre to finished cloth entirely from our site in West Yorkshire. This means that we have full control of our production and are also uniquely positioned to minimise our carbon footprint, something that is very important to us.

Our premium woollen textiles are chosen by designers, tailors and garment manufacturers from diverse industries, united in their desire for the very best quality and true British provenance.

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