Ceremonial Parade Wear

The highest profile ceremonial garments worldwide.

Hainsworth have been manufacturing ceremonial fabrics with pride for over 200 years. Supplying woollen and worsted fabrics for use in the highest profile ceremonial garments worldwide, our customers rely on our skills, capabilities and seven generations of technical expertise to weave and finish fabrics to the most exacting specifications.

Regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of these speciality fabrics, Hainsworth also update old and out of date specifications. Our knowledge of modern end user requirements, test methods and UKAS accredited testing laboratory are used by QC departments worldwide.

Hainsworth currently supply fabrics to the UK MOD for the London District and Royal Marines Contracts to specifications UK/SC/6209, UK/SC/5516 and UK/SC/6153. We also work with the Danish Army, FMV in Sweden, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Australian Defence to name a few, where we have developed and produced fabrics to exacting specifications for ceremonial garments.

For more information on our official MOD fabrics, please contact us by telephone, on +44 (0)113 257 0391 or complete our contact form.