Over 200 years of expertise in military textiles.

Hainsworth have over 200 years of expertise in military textiles supplying the highest quality uniform cloths for armies at home and abroad. Our military cloths went to Trafalgar, the Battle of Waterloo, the Crimea, South Africa in the Boer War and the two World Wars.

With experience and expertise second to none we pride ourselves in producing fabrics manufactured in the traditional way. Today we supply traditional woollen and worsted cloths to many of the world’s leading military tailors.

Hainsworth ceremonial fabric is on show at some of the highest profile state occasions and is the choice of the most demanding civilian and military tailors. Our wide range of wool fabrics includes meltons, doeskins, superfines, cap cloth and ceremonial worsteds. In addition to supplying fabrics, Hainsworth works with you to develop, test and refine the specification to your exacting requirements.


The famous 'Thin Red Line'

Changing the face of military dress uniform.

The famous 'Thin Red Line' of troops at the battle of Waterloo was red thanks to the striking scarlet military cloth produced by Hainsworth for the soldiers. There is no doubt that the British soldiers were an impressive sight on the battlefield adorned in Hainsworth scarlet cloth and the same pride in the production of this distinctive fabric is put into production today. The Queen’s Guards still wear it as do Royalty in full military dress uniform.

Khaki Serge

A less conspicuous fabric for the troops.

In 1899 Hainsworth saw the first orders for Khaki Serge, a worsted warp woollen weft fabric for the British military. Hainsworth were contacted by the military with a request to develop a new less conspicuous fabric for the troops to wear while on duty, following their endeavors in India. Hainsworth were proud to help our forces and following colour research Khaki Serge was developed. Due to demand during war times, other mills in England produced the serge however Hainsworth remain the inventors and sole producers of the genuine article.

RAF Blue

The ’Boys in Blue’ are thanks to Hainsworth.

The “Boys in Blue” are in blue thanks to Hainsworth. When the Air force separated from the Army in 1918 they approached Hainsworth for colour ideas to allow them to have their own identity, it was Hainsworth that proposed the distinctive blue cloth that they have worn ever since. The original stock bought by the RAF was surplus from a cancelled order from the Tsar of Russia which could not be delivered due to civil war. Many air forces around the Commonwealth have adopted the same RAF Blue colours for their uniforms but naturally the flashes on their shoulders display their own nationality.

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