Environmental Policy

AW Hainsworth is a specialist Textiles Manufacturing company, designing and manufacturing performance Textiles in a number of key markets. The company is committed to ensuring its product is safe and responsibly manufactured with consideration for the impact on the environment.

We are committed to the protection of our environment in all aspects of our Manufacturing plant, Product, Packaging and Supply chain. AW Hainsworth are fully aware of the effects that our manufacturing processes may have on the environment and we work tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure that we have an integrated an environmental approach one that complies with legislation.

Through a review of our environmental policy, targets and goals we strive to consciously improve and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. This approach and responsibility is achieved through commitments and actions that include:

  1. A Commitment to continuous process of improvement and efficiency gains within the process, along with the prevention and reduction in waste streams. Optimisation of process and continuous review of the least impactful processing methods is part of the Operational Strategy and Ethos of the Management team.
  2. A commitment to ensuring our staff are well trained and adhere to the processing SOPs in all aspects of efficiency and Environmental controls within our Processes with consideration for emergency preparedness.
  3. A commitment to ensure that our Supply chain and materials are sourced from reputable, audited, responsible supply partners. Who adhere to the most stringent Environmental Legislation, regulations and industry best practice.
  4. A commitment to ensuring that we effectively recycle all aspects of our waste
    streams where possible.
  5. A commitment to upgrading inline processes and looking at both new energy efficient equipment and upgrading existing equipment, facilities, lighting, air and steam use.
  6. A commitment to efficient use of water in process and in recycling opportunities for waste water.
  7. A commitment to the selection of the most efficient Vehicles and methods of transport to show, business visits, Delivery of materials, and an ethos of ensuring our vehicles and the Vehicles we use minimise the Pollutant emissions.

A commitment to manage the business on the 8 waste lean management systems and tools to ensure our processes and management systems always consider the best practice, least impactful and most efficient environmentally friendly methods of manufacture

Our statement of general policy is:

  • To lead from the top and set clear responsibilities for environmental duties
  • To empower and engage all colleagues to take responsibility for their own areas to reduce waste and strive for environmental improvements
  • To adopt a five-tier approach to waste management. To eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle and make safe prior to disposal, using the safest and most responsible means available
  • To conduct business activities in a way to minimise adverse effects on the
  • To continuously improve environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  • To assess the impact of our activities and adopt procedures, control measures and business practices, which protect the environment.
  • To strive towards the highest possible energy efficiency in every area of operations
  • To minimise the adverse impacts on the environment during research, design, purchasing, manufacture and the lifecycle of products and processes.
  • To regard relevant environmental laws, regulations and industry codes of practice as the minimum standards of environmental performance
  • To include environmental issues in training programs and continue to engage, enthuse and all employees to provide total compliance with the requirements contained within this policy at all times.
  • To implement a Environmental Management Systems in line with ISO 14001¬†Environmental Management System (EMS)