Khaki Serge

A less conspicuous fabric for the troops.

In 1899 Hainsworth saw the first orders for Khaki Serge, a worsted warp woollen weft fabric for the British military. Hainsworth were contacted by the military with a request to develop a new less conspicuous fabric for the troops to wear while on duty, following their endeavours in India. Hainsworth were proud to help our forces and following colour research Khaki Serge was developed. Due to demand during war times, other mills in England produced the Serge however Hainsworth remain the inventors and sole producers of the genuine article.

The famous ‘Thin Red Line'

Changing the face of military dress uniform.

The famous ‘Thin Red Line” of troops at the battle of Waterloo was red thanks to the striking scarlet cloth produced by Hainsworth for the soldiers. There is no doubt that the British soldiers were an impressive sight on the battlefield adorned in Hainsworth scarlet cloth and the same pride in the production of this distinctive fabric is put into production today. The Queen’s Guards still wear it as do Royalty in full military dress uniform.

The Woolsack

At the heart of Britain’s democracy.

The seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords is referred to as The Woolsack and has for many years been covered in Hainsworth cloth.  The seat has no back or arms and historically this large square woollen cushion has always been covered in red cloth.  The wool that forms the stuffing of the cushion is acquired from various countries in the Commonwealth.

RAF Blue

The ’Boys in Blue’ are thanks to Hainsworth.

When the Air force separated from the Army in 1918 and approached Hainsworth for colour ideas to allow them to have their own identity, it was Hainsworth that proposed the distinctive blue cloth that they have worn ever since.

The world’s finest pianos

Notes which are pure and true.

Steinway & Sons make the world’s finest pianos, helped by the quality and consistency of Hainsworth piano cloth. Hainsworth Piano Baize is used to ensure that each keystroke produces a note that is pure and true. It is amazing that in a technology orientated society, Steinway pianos are still built by hand and because of the quality of workmanship Steinway remains the leading brand in pianos worldwide.
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Bright and memorable uniforms

The iconic Royal Guards.

The iconic Royal Guards are instantly recognised globally as quintessentially English with their eye catching, bright and memorable uniforms. Hainsworth cloth is used to tailor these uniforms so each time an image of the Royal Guards is used to represent our country, it is Hainsworth that provides the definition. During the summer months you will see the guardsmen parading in London, at Buckingham Palace, along the Mall wearing their splendid tunics made from Hainsworth red fabric. In the winter they change those famous red tunics for grey greatcoats that are made from much thicker fabric to protect them from the elements and keep them warm, still using Hainsworth cloth.

Queen’s Coronation.

1953 saw the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and Hainsworth were chosen to produce a special cloth in regimental colours to mark the occasion. In total Hainsworth provided over 30 different fabrics and we still have the letter of thanks from the Ministry of Supply.

Trooping the Colour.

All the pageantry and spectacle of H M The Queen’s Official Birthday celebrations is enhanced through Hainsworth fabrics which include the scarlet and dark blue cloths worn by the Household Division for Trooping the Colour.

Royal Weddings.

There is no doubt that British Royal Weddings are spectacular events steeped in deep rooted tradition, pomp and ceremony. Hainsworth cloth has been front and centre of many Royal Weddings; In 1981 Charles Prince of Wales wore Hainsworth cloth on his wedding to Lady Diana Frances Spencer, as did the Guards in their scarlet tunics lining the Mall; On 29 April 2011 Princes William and Harry wore Hainsworth cloth for William’s wedding to Catherine Middleton, the page boys were also in Hainsworth cloth.

London Fire Brigade.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) is the statutory fire and rescue service for London. It was formed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Act of 1865 and today, it is the largest of all the fire services in the United Kingdom and the third-largest in the world (after the Tokyo Fire Department and New York City Fire Department). Since the early day London Fire Fighters have been protected by Hainsworth woollen cloth and in more recent times by Hainsworth TITAN. TITAN Technology products increase thermal protection at times when it is most needed giving any individual wearing them time to react to a dangerous environment and safely remove themselves from such a hazardous situation.

Royal Warrant.

Hainsworth cloth proudly carries the Royal Warrant, awarded for supplying furnishing fabrics to Her Majesty The Queen.

Tribal Blankets.

Through the Victoria England label, Hainsworth supplies the most prestigious tribal blankets in the world. Selected for its warmth, timeless durability and rich traditional design, the Victoria blanket originated in 1897.

Palatial Interiors.

Hainsworth supplies interiors fabric cloth which is used for interior furnishing at Windsor Castle and for the interiors of Buckingham Palace.

Snooker Scene.

After developing the first ever printed Snooker and Pool cloth, Hainsworth provided this to Power Snooker to make it the first even branded tournament cloth to be used on a televised tournament.

Fabric in Films.

Hainsworth has extensive skill and experience in meeting the needs of major film companies, having supplied the fabric in films for numerous blockbusters including Titanic, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible 3, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Last Sumurai.