Bespoke Service

Bespoke Woollen Jacquard Fabric

Hainsworth are proud to offer bespoke woollen jacquard fabrics to our Fashion, Costume and Interior customers. With minimums from just 25 metres, our in-house Designer will work with you to develop cloth completely unique to your aesthetic, woven on our jacquard looms. The low minimums, which can be split over multiple designs, providing they use the same warp, allow you to source and develop ranges that are entirely exclusive to you.

Our jacquard looms are capable of weaving highly detailed pattern and imagery, allowing you to include your own logo, images and intricate details in your designs. Due to the incredible variances that can be achieved by the design process, from the number of colours used, pattern intricacies, meterage required and different yarn qualities, each order will be individually priced but will be in line with the cost span of the standard Hainsworth ranges, ensuring a service that is accessible for all.

The Bespoke service is offered from our mill in Pudsey and utilises the fully vertical manufacturing capabilities and the hundreds of years of manufacturing knowledge held by the company. Any Hainsworth yarns that have been blended and spun onsite that need to be coloured, are dyed at our Atkinson Dyers facility, which is part of the AW Hainsworth family, ensuring that the coloured yarns maintain our strict quality standards never leaving the AW Hainsworth business.


The bespoke process:

  1. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  2. Our designer will look at your requirements to generate options and estimated costing to ensure the development fits within your ideal budget.
  3. On agreement of costing estimates, our designer will guide you through the design process to ensure that the designs are perfect for weaving and for your end usage.
  4. The final specifications allow us to confirm final pricing to be agreed before proceeding to weave.
  5. The fabrics will be woven and finished at the Hainsworth mill and dispatched to you for use in your next collection.
  6. Repeat orders will be subject to the same 25m minimums.

Contact us today with your design inspirations to see just how easy it is to develop your own bespoke woollen cloth.

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