Lavish Maximalism

Interiors Trends 2023 - Lavish Maximalism

Lavish Maximalism follows on from ‘Optimism’, our zest for a vibrant life has returned and it’s time to inject character into our surroundings; as much or as little as we like to suit our unique personalities. Maximalism is the idea of creating our own spaces through personalisation and individual expression, and is all about expressive colour blocking, carefully selecting materials, colours and patterns in contrasting or harmonious combinations.

Read more in our 2023 Interiors Colour Trends Report – full report available to download below.

Colours Available

Broadcloth - Platinum
Broadcloth - Slate
Vivid Hues Melton - Jade
Broadcloth - Gold
Broadcloth - Orange
Vivid Hues Melton - Hot Pink
Granite - Pomegranate
Vivid Hues Melton - Medical Maroon
Broadcloth - Purple
Broadcloth - French Navy
Doeskin - Ascot Grey
Whipcord - Charcoal


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We’ve pored over colour trend forecasts and analysed predictions to produce our latest Interiors Colour Trends report. Three key colour trends for 2023 have been edited using the entire range of Hainsworth Interior cloth and brought together in a PDF for you to download.
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