Studio H

Studio H offers the unique opportunity for a designer to create a garment all the way from the raw fibre, to finished high quality garment all under one roof.

A partnership between Hainsworth and garment manufacturing experts Reshore Apparel, Studio H combines the weaving and cloth manufacturing capabilities, including bespoke jacquard design and manufacture of Hainsworth, with Reshore Apparel’s extensive experience of pattern cutting and high quality garment manufacture,  meaning for designers, carbon emissions are reduced, provenance is crystal clear and the utmost quality is guaranteed. Designers and retailers can be confident they are investing in British manufacturing with a conscience.

As a business based on the pillars of quality and craftsmanship, Hainsworth is inherently aligned with principles of sustainability. Having operated at our mill for 236 years with generations of skilled artisans, we weave cloth of an impeccable standard that will last for many years. Our processes are lean, we have transparency in our supply chain and over the years we have increasingly committed to minimising waste and reducing our impact on the environment.

The Studio H partnership will benefit from Reshore Apparel’s investment in digital 3D imaging technology from Italian company Morgan to create moving renders of designs before anything is put into production. The imaging software allows designers to see how patterns and fabrics will sit against the body on a virtual catwalk, and visualise how the finished piece will look, move and perform so that fewer samples need to be created, further reducing waste and carbon emissions. The company is also pursuing zero waste cutting techniques that will minimise fabric offcuts.


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