Hainsworth has been responsible for weaving the look of Iconic England ever since the company was established in 1783. Many of the famous images that have been used across the world to celebrate Great Britain are made unforgettable through the use of Hainsworth cloth including the Striking Scarlet of the Royal Guards, the ceremonial uniforms worn by the Royal Family during state occasions and the military uniforms worn during the Charge of the Light Brigade.

True Craftsmanship starts with the selection of the best possible fibres, a knowledge and skill passed down through the Hainsworth family over 235 years. We carefully select only the best quality fleeces from Australia, New Zealand, and South America, matching the fleece and fibre qualities to the end use of the fabric ensuring a truly beautiful finish that no other mill can match.

Every single one of our 235 years of experience is apparent in the weave quality of the fabrics that leave our mill. Through the generations we have learnt the best way to craft cloth to make it perfect for its specific end use, be it apparel, furnishings or wall coverings. We control the weave all the way down to the placement of individual fibres within the construction to ensure we optimise the benefits to the end application including, lustre, handle, durability and drape.

The distinctive Hainsworth finish is coveted by mills globally, yet no one can match our quality, structure, sheen or feel. Our attention to detail is pure passion and craftsmanship born of the Hainsworth heritage. Our skill, down to how many brush strokes each piece receives to achieve the striking Hainsworth finish, to the number of cuts for the perfect length of the nap, is second to none, this is what makes our fabrics stand out from the crowd and the first choice for designers, architects and tailors.

Our commitment to outstanding quality attracts like minded designers who want their pieces to benefit from the history, innovation and passion woven into the very fabric of their creation. Top designers with a craving for heritage, and a demand for structure that never leaves their finished piece collaborate with Hainsworth to arresting affect.

The collaboration of Hainsworth’s heritage and the world of modern design ensures beautifully structured garments that make a lasting impression, with a quality that never fades and appearance that never dulls. The stunning and true colour palette offered by Hainsworth is utilised by designers crafting not only garments, but statement pieces.

Some statements are classic, refined and born of a quiet confidence. The pure luxury of Hainsworth cloth and the beautifully lustrous drape that accentuates the contours of the body, combined with pristine tailoring specified by the garment designer ensure truly classic timeless pieces.


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