The British Designer-Makers.

Sedilia are London based designers-makers who have been creating luxury upholstered furniture for leading interior designers since 1998. They have loyal, long-term customers who rely on their wisdom and wealth of experience to help them develop one-off pieces for high-end residential properties, iconic fashion houses, distinguished restaurants and super yachts. In 2019, the team felt the time was right to follow their passion to conceive and launch their very own Sedilia Collection. Every piece is handmade in their London workshop and blends timeless design and innovation with edge, ease, balance and proportion. Sedilia’s unique reputation as creators of some of this country’s finest furniture isn’t just about the quality of their work, it’s also about their approach. They have everything they need under one roof at their workshop in London and take ownership of the entire creative process, which is what really sets them apart.

What was the nature of the project which you were working on?

Launching the Sedilia Collection – our first capsule collection of upholstered furniture designs.

How did you hear about Hainsworth?

Hainsworth fabrics were recommended to us by a friend and textile designer and maker.

What was your selection criteria when sourcing new cloth for this project?

  • A cloth that handles well for the designs in our new Sedilia Collection.
  • High natural fibre content – preferably 100% natural fibres
  • Made in Europe, preferably within the UK
  • An inspiring colour range
  • A very high-quality cloth that would provide a modern and timeless aesthetic.

Why did you choose to use Hainsworth cloth?

Whilst being a fabric with strong heritage, Broadcloth has a very contemporary feel and sits well in almost any interior setting. The width of the fabric is a great bonus as it allows us to cut large panel pieces and reduces the need for seams on our designs.

How was the cloth to work with? 

The Broadcloth is great to work with, it has just the right amount of structure across the warp and weft whilst also providing a good amount of give on the bias which works well with the curvaceous designs in our collection. It also has a subtle lustre which catches the light beautifully and highlights the curves.
The Hainsworth team are exceptionally friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable about their products.

Will you use Hainsworth cloth again?

Yes, without a doubt.

Would you recommend Hainsworth cloth? What would you say to other people considering using Hainsworth cloth?

It’s wonderful to find such like-minded manufacturers in Britain who are deeply committed to their craft. Hainsworth cloth is some of the finest quality fabric we get to work with, timeless in appearance and woven to last.

How have the product performed or been received by your customers?

Our clients choose Broadcloth for a contemporary and smart finish on our furniture designs.


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