Get inspired for the new season with our Autumn/Winter 24/25 Colour Inspirations  Edit

16th August 2023

Hainsworth is delighted to reveal our latest colour inspirations for Autumn/Winter 24/25. From the most outspoken and maximalist shades to the most classic and muted neutrals, our edit for A/W 24/25 has been thoughtfully curated with the aim to inspire fashion designers and showcase the array of shades and finishes that we offer in our collection.

Colour forecasts for A/W 24/25 are largely geared towards building a more sustainable and zestful future – and set to be a staple fabric in many designer’s collections, wool features heavily in forecasts for the coming season. Loved for its’ inherently sustainable properties, wool is 100% biodegradable – a key feature in a world that is increasingly concerned about the environment. It is also naturally durable, meaning garments made from wool will often last for generations. Read more about the benefits of wool here.

With this being said, we are proud to present six new colour inspiration collections, which have been edited using the entire range of Hainsworth woollen cloth.

Women’s Colour Inspirations


Intense shades of warm sunset oranges and hot crimson reds radiate energy as these exotic sky tones meet timeless earth tones such as Camel and Brown. The inclusion of AAC Blue adds an adventurous and experimental spirit while Pamplemousse and Gold provide a source of energy in the winter. This expressive and otherworldly colour palette radiates a sense of positivity and escapism as the reflections of natural sunlight hit the earth and create a symbiotic relationship between land and light. 

Fabric featured in this collection: 

  • Sunset – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Vintage Orange – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Pamplemousse – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Red – Duffle 
  • Medical Maroon – Cavalry Twill 
  • AAC Blue – Doeskin
  • Brown – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Navy – Barathea
  • Camel – Pilot
  • Gold – Doeskin

Midnight Aurora

Tints of couture jade and amethyst are uplifted by surreal cobalt in this illusionistic palette, inspired by the beauty of waves of light dancing in the aurora sky. The addition of vibrant Fuschia brings in a sense of excitement as Primrose exudes a sense of adventure and willingness to take surprisingly bold risks through colour and abstract patterns. Mist then adds an unexpected grounding and refreshing touch to this eclectic mix of complimentary colours.

Fabric featured in this collection: 

  • Royal Navy – Pilot
  • Cobalt – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Aubergine – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Amethyst – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Jade – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Primrose – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Mist – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Magenta – Barathea
  • Jewel Stripe – Duffle 


In this humble, folksy palette of earthy tones, mottled and grainy textures such as Light Grey Melange and Ren Khaki meet soft, chic shades of Caramel and Peach to compose a transcendent, mystical palette out of a fairytale. The diverse collection features fabrics in varying weights and textures, from the lightweight Barathea, which is almost sponge-like, to ‘pebbley’ Melange Meltons, to hand-woven and bulky Granite Bark. Each shade works in harmony to transport your imagination to an idealistic, enchanted world.

Fabric featured in this collection: 

  • Caramel – Urbane
  • Ren Khaki – True Heritage
  • Peach – Barathea
  • Cappuccino – Vivid Hues Melton
  • White – Granite
  • Camel – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Bark – Granite
  • Light Grey Lightweight Melange Melton – True Heritage
  • Pioneer – Discovery 
  • POW Gold – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Grebe Grey – Doeskin 

Men’s Colour Inspirations

Gilded Era

This traditional, nostalgic palette of comforting and elegant colours is inspired by history, with notes of 19th-century art deco. Consumers are reminiscing about simpler times, shying away from vibrant colours and favouring more sophisticated, tranquil shades with connotations of safety and security. Cool Minerva Blue and Navy combine with comforting Stone and warm Cardamom to formulate a relaxing palette of rejuvenating colours, perfectly balanced by transitional greys and White.

Fabric featured in this collection: 

  • White – Duffle
  • Cloud – Granite
  • Minerva Blue – Doeskin
  • Stone – Barathea
  • Ren Khaki Melange Melton – True Heritage
  • Cardamom – Urbane
  • Charcoal – Whipcord
  • Navy – Pilot 


This palette focuses on nurturing our connection with the natural world to build a more comfortable future. With consumer concerns surrounding sustainability and preservation of geological environments increasing, this collection prioritises garment longevity and the use of natural materials and colours inspired by the wonders of the earth. Authentic shades of Fawn, Khaki and Bark are paired with honest shades of green to build a functional palette, while oceanic shades of blue add a sense of imagination and depth.

Fabric featured in this collection:

  • Fawn – Finer Weight Cavalry Twill
  • Ren Field Grey – True Heritage
  • Ocean – Granite
  • Khaki – Whipcord
  • Husky – Pioneer 
  • Moss Green – Doeskin
  • AAC Blue – Doeskin
  • Forest – Vivid Hues Melton
  • Bark – Granite

Deconstructed World 

This collection takes influence from the concept of the unknown, reverting to modern classics and deeper shades in a quest for stability. Seasonless and functional colours such as Camel, Grey, Navy, and Black are prominent, complimented by shades of moody Madder Red and bruised Medical Maroon. With a keen interest in tailoring, this collection features heavy layering and sleek sculptural designs. The feature of Whipcord is significant, adding a soft neatness to this collection, whilst the Duffle Stripe gives the series a contemporary twist to create a modern yet timeless capsule collection.

Fabric featured in this collection:

  • Grey Union Overcoating – True Heritage
  • Camel – Pilot
  • Navy – Whipcord
  • Grey Melange – Finer Weight Cavalry Twill
  • Madder Red – Pilot
  • Navy – Finer Weight Cavalry Twill
  • Medical Maroon – Cavalry Twill
  • Black – Duffle
  • Desert Stripe – Duffle 

Key Colours for A/W 24/25

After carefully seeking out the latest predictions for menswear and womenswear, we are confident that our current range includes a comprehensive selection of the key colours needed to create the perfect A/W 24/25 colour palette. Therefore, we have taken the decision not to add any new cloth to our range this season.

At Hainsworth, we are committed to our heritage and are passionate about championing a slower fashion industry whilst acknowledging that this must be finely balanced with innovation and the evolving needs of our customers.

We hope you enjoyed reading our A/W 24/25 Colour Inspirations Edit, see below a visual representation of the fabrics featured in each collection.

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