Timeless fashion with uncompromised quality.

Hainsworth’s cloth has been chosen by Astory designers for a range of sophisticated coats, offering customers timeless fashion with uncompromised quality and durability.

The coats are made to order using the finest Hainsworth cloth, and can be made to bespoke requirements such as tailored sizing and colour options.

Pictured above: The Matilde, price £290, available here.

Charlotte Ham, founder and designer at Astory, chose Hainsworth cloth for its quality, British heritage and the company’s efficient, friendly service.

Charlotte said: “At Astory we understand that not every woman has the same shape within a size category which is why all coats are made to order. This also gives our customers the unique opportunity to add alterations to their garment in order to achieve the most perfect fit.

“We chose to work with Hainsworth because we love the high quality of the cloth and the vast range of colours and qualities it comes in. Where possible we also try to source our materials from the UK, as I believe it adds a sense of home and locality to the garments which our customers tend to like.”

Pictured above: The Camille, price £390, available here.

Julie Greenough, Marketing Manager at A.W Hainsworth, said: “Astory is a wonderful brand that really takes pride in the quality and style of its garments which is why we’re delighted to be involved in this collaboration.

“The Astory offering is second to none; providing its customers with bespoke, perfect fit garments that will last for years to come, at an affordable price.”