Intense shades of warm sunset oranges and hot crimson reds radiate energy as these exotic sky tones meet timeless earth tones such as Camel and Brown. The inclusion of AAC Blue adds an adventurous and experimental spirit while Pamplemousse and Gold provide a source of energy in the winter. This expressive and otherworldly colour palette radiates a sense of positivity and escapism as the reflections of natural sunlight hit the earth and create a symbiotic relationship between land and light.

Colours Available

Sunset – Vivid Hues Melton
Vintage Orange – Vivid Hues Melton
Pamplemousse – Vivid Hues Melton
Red – Duffle
Medical Maroon – Cavalry Twill
AAC Blue – Doeskin
Brown – Vivid Hues Melton
Navy – Barathea
Camel – Pilot
Gold – Doeskin

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