Midnight Aurora

Tints of couture jade and amethyst are uplifted by surreal cobalt in this illusionistic palette, inspired by the beauty of waves of light dancing in the aurora sky. The addition of vibrant Fuschia brings in a sense of excitement as Primrose exudes a sense of adventure and willingness to take surprisingly bold risks through colour and abstract patterns. Mist then adds an unexpected grounding and refreshing touch to this eclectic mix of complimentary colours.

Colours Available

Royal Navy – Pilot
Cobalt – Vivid Hues Melton
Aubergine – Vivid Hues Melton
Amethyst – Vivid Hues Melton
Jade – Vivid Hues Melton
Primrose – Vivid Hues Melton
Mist – Vivid Hues Melton
Magenta – Barathea
Jewel Stripe – Duffle

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