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Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Ræburn is a British fashion designer with a unique and innovative approach to creating menswear and womenswear.

A graduate of London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Christopher became known for his re-appropriation of military fabrics and in particular for iconic outerwear created from de-commissioned parachutes.

Distinctive fashion design
The ‘re-made’ ethos still guides and influences every aspect of the Christopher Ræburn design and development process; a Christopher Ræburn product is defined by distinctive aesthetic, meticulous detail, considered functionality and sustainable intelligence.

Christopher’s pioneering work has brought sustainable design to a main-stream fashion audience and presents a new definition of luxury with integrity.

Hainsworth Wool
A spokesman for Christopher Ræburn said: “As always, Christopher Ræburn is committed to manufacturing in the UK. British military winter coat liners were the inspiration for a beautifully realised parka with contrast sleeves, constructed in wool sourced from manufacturing stalwart Hainsworth.”

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