Celebrating The King’s Coronation with Sustainable Wool Bunting on Savile Row

2nd May 2023

To mark the Coronation of King Charles III, The Campaign for Wool has teamed up with Savile Row Bespoke tailors to decorate the streets with a mile of wool bunting. The neighbourhoods of Savile Row, Clifford Street, Old Burlington Street, and part of St James’s have been adorned with red, white, and blue bunting made from Hainsworth Melton wool cloth, a fabric traditionally used in the iconic red military uniforms.

The bunting has been handcrafted by apprentice tailors from 17 of Britain’s finest sartorial institutions, including Royal Warrant holders Henry Poole & Co, Dege & Skinner, and Gieves & Hawkes. In addition to the wool bunting, celebratory window displays have been set up to highlight the positive benefits and natural properties of wool.

The Campaign for Wool aims to promote wool as a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material while challenging the rise of toxic synthetic fibres in fashion and the built environment. As Patron of The Campaign for Wool, King Charles III is known to have a strong affinity for wool. He has visited numerous regions of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa to engage with wool growers on how best to explain the environmental excellence and ecological benefits of wool in all its uses.

Last year, King Charles III told a Campaign for Wool documentary:

“It really is of the greatest importance that we educate and inform the next generation of makers and consumers of the global benefits of using natural and sustainable resources, including wool, which as a longevity fibre is then followed by its natural return to the soil.”

King Charles III

The Coronation will feature wool extensively, with 6,000 military, naval, and airforce personnel from the UK and Commonwealth wearing uniforms made from 15 miles of wool uniform fabric. Formal dress, regalia and vestments, red carpets, hassocks and altar cloths, wool-filled saddles and blankets, undercrofts, and ceilings clad in wool for essential non-flammable insulation, canopies, and awnings, casement linings for organs, pianos, and percussion instruments will also feature.

This collaboration between The Campaign for Wool and Savile Row not only commemorates a momentous occasion for Britain where wool once again features as a hero textile, but is also a testament to the King’s self-confessed love for wool.