AW Hainsworth to feature in BBC documentary ‘Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King’ 

3rd May 2023

Military tailors Kashket & Partners are the subject of a new BBC documentary about the preparations for the Coronation of King Charles III, also featuring AW Hainsworth. ‘Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King’ documents the extraordinary effort taken by the Kashket team to stitch thousands of bespoke uniforms ahead of the Royal Guards’ procession on 6th May. 

The documentary follows the Kashket family, who have been creating ceremonial, parade and formalwear uniforms since 1655. With the eyes of the world on the Coronation this weekend, it’s vital that every Kashket garment is finished to the highest standard, which could not be done without Hainsworth’s premium wool fabric. 

Hainsworth uniform cloth has been worn during some of the most iconic moments in British military history – troops at the Battle of Waterloo and RAF pilots in WWI all wore uniforms made from Hainsworth fabric. The King wore Hainsworth cloth when he wed Diana Spencer, as did Princes William and Harry at their weddings to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. 

Today, the Royal Guard wear iconic military uniforms made by Kashket & Partners from Hainsworth’s iconic scarlet cloth. The image of the guardsmen in their red tunics and black bearskins is synonymous with Great Britain and is only made possible through the collaboration between Kashket and Hainsworth. 

‘Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King’ goes behind-the-scenes at Kashket & Partners to document how the ceremonial uniforms are made, and their efforts to complete several thousand uniforms in time for the Coronation. During this process, the filmmakers also pay a visit to the AW Hainsworth mill in West Yorkshire to see how the scarlet uniform cloth is made. 

The documentary is presented by Patrick Grant, best known as a judge on The Great British Sewing Bee and as the owner of the sustainable apparel brand Community Clothing. Patrick is a staunch fan of AW Hainsworth, and his Community Clothing peacoats are all made from 100% Hainsworth melton. 

AW Hainsworth is delighted that Kashket & Partners have been given the chance to showcase their craftsmanship to the nation, and honoured at the role that Hainsworth fabrics will have to play in the upcoming celebrations. 

‘Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King’ will be shown on Wednesday 3rd May at 9 pm on BBC 2, and will be available to stream on iPlayer.