Interiors Colour Trends 2022: Optimism, Authenticity, and Exaggerated Nature

22nd February 2022

At Hainsworth, our commitment to our heritage and the production of iconic, timeless fabrics is finely balanced with innovation and the latest industry trends. Each year, we devour colour forecasts and scour trend predictions for the coming season to inspire our Interiors Colour Trends, which are edited using the compete collection of Hainsworth Interior cloth.  

In 2022, sustainability will continue at the forefront of design, with natural and responsible material choices key for many. Fabrics and furniture made by conscientious companies with sustainability at their core will be chosen over mass produced, fad items which date quickly. Our homes will continue to be multifunctional, with the need for both practical yet beautiful workspace and cocooning living spaces that provide sanctuary.

2022 will also see the trend for biophilia – an innate love of nature – and bringing the outside indoors, come into its own. Green will be prominent throughout interior spaces, with painted walls and accessories in all shades of green, as well as flourishing plants and florals in abundance to foster feelings of tranquillity and relaxation.  

After almost two years of being shut inside, 2022 will see a renaissance in socialising and celebrating post-pandemic, both in and out of the home. Interiors will be luxurious and welcoming, with sumptuous, deep colours and tactile materials creating joyous social spaces where friends and family can come back together.   

The Hainsworth Interior Colour Trends Edit 2022:

Exaggerated Nature

Colours from the natural environment are amplified in Exaggerated Nature, an exuberant palette of gold, pink and ocean blue, tempered with deep shades of green, maroon and burnt paprika. Floral hues and botanical shades are turned up a level, creating artistic yet abstract interiors with expression and excitement.  


Embrace the beauty of nature and its raw materials with Authentic, a palette of warm neutrals and organic hues reminiscent of honey, wood, shell, stone, and sky. Timeless shades of grey, tan, and sage work together in harmony, forming a palette with longevity that reaches far beyond a passing craze. Authentic is the new luxury, with mindful material choices at its heart.


Optimism brings joy in the wake of uncertainty and isolation, as the desire to socialise and celebrate with friends is stronger than ever. Opulent jewel tones sit amongst deep shades of blue and green, with warm white bringing light relief. The glamourous palette is evocative of the spirit of the roaring 20s, creating sumptuous and luxurious social spaces.

These three key colour trends for 2022 have been edited using the entire range of Hainsworth Interior cloth and brought together in a PDF for you to download.