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Costume drama
Hainsworth cloth is used in major BBC TV productions, like Casualty, where authenticity, technical performance and accuracy to the finest detail are a prerequisite.

Regal beds
The Danish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world and the current head of state, Queen Margaret, chooses to have Hainsworth’s John Atkinson blankets on her beds.

History today
The sumptuous Tudor tailoring that epitomised the court of Elizabeth has been restored in all its finery by Hainsworth cloth, chosen for Elizabeth I’s costume that is proudly displayed at The Tower of London.

Leading innovation
Hainsworth developed Repel+, a durable finish providing addition protective properties to fabrics. Repel+ protects against hazardous chemicals and was the first to meet the requirements of BS7979-10:2004 for public order coveralls.

Curtain up
When attention to detail and historical knowledge are paramount, major theatre productions including Zorro, The Sound of Music, Oliver and Mary Poppins, rely on Hainsworth cloth to bring the house down.

The finer detail
Our manufacturing skills ensure our consistent adherence to the strictest specifications, including manufacturing textiles to within 0.05mm tolerance, the thickness of a piece of paper.

Award winning
The development and launch of our Hainsworth Titan® fabric helped Hainsworth win the DuPont European Innovation Award in 2002.

Do not cross
Riot police have to be ready to face anything. That’s why the majority of police services in the UK protect their riot officers with Hainsworth cloth.

Stretching targets
Hainsworth’s Elite Pro worsted cloth provides the ultimate smooth and fast playing surface for pool and we once supplied 6km of it in a single order.

Robes of the Realm
Hainsworth provides textiles for Prince Charles’ ceremonial dress which is worn at the highest profile events, including his investiture and national celebrations.

You wear it well
A full size snooker table, given as a gift from Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, was bought by Rod Stewart who insists it is always covered in Hainsworth Smart cloth.

Royal approval
The design and development of our protective Hainsworth Titan® fabric won Hainsworth the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, which was presented to the company by HRH The Duke of York in July 2003.

Ultimate protection
The 50,000+ members of the Danish Home Guard know that their countrymen can rely on them for protection in the knowledge that their needs in the field are protected by Hainsworth cloth.

World beaters
Hainsworth is the fabric of choice of many leading professional snooker players who insist on playing and training on Hainsworth cloth.

At the cutting edge
Hainsworth cloth was worn by soldiers from the reign of George III to Waterloo, the Crimean campaign, the Boer War and the two world wars.

The professional’s choice
Olhausen are the largest pool and billiard table manufacturer in the US and Hainsworth are their chosen sole supplier of table cloth.

Representing the Empire
The golden age of the British empire demanded pomp and pageantry, both at home and abroad. Red, blue and gold Hainsworth cloth delivered the tradition and prestige required by the grandest of state and court occasions.

The right image
We were the first company to produce personalised and branded snooker and pool cloth with crisp, clear images and complex patterns with no loss in table performance using our specialist printing techniques.

British icon
Hainsworth fabric is specially selected to provide head linings in some of the finest, most iconic cars in the world, including the unmistakable Rolls Royce marque.

Market pioneers
In 1975 Hainsworth was the first company to introduce Nomex® fabrics into the UK, the heat and flame resistant textile made by DuPont.

Window to the world
Uniform cloths from Hainsworth were included in The Great Exhibition of 1851, the first international exhibition of manufactured goods, at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London.

Where the sun never sets
Hainsworth provided woven cloth for the Government of India and has supplied cloth to the Egyptian Brigade of Guards, the Chilean Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Faithful customers
The Vatican, the smallest independent state in the world, is the spiritual centre for the Roman Catholic church and also a convert to Hainsworth quality, as one of our blanket customers.

Flying high
When the Breitling Orbiter 3 became the first hot air balloon to successfully circumnavigate the globe in 1999, it did so in no small part to Hainsworth fabrics which were pivotal to the balloon’s construction.

Setting the standard
Designed to tournament specification, Hainsworth Match is the ultimate pool and snooker cloth and is the fastest cloth in the world delivering amazing speed and cue ball control.

Best sellers
In partnership with DuPont, Hainsworth developed Nomex® Delta T (Nomex® Tough) which was the best selling outshell fabric for fire fighters in the early 1990s, and is still sold today.

Palatial interiors
Hainsworth supplies interior fabric cloth which is used for the curtains at Windsor Castle and for the interiors of Buckingham Palace.

Altitude protection
Hainsworth has pioneered the development of aramid fabrics to protect fighter pilots in the UK, as well as developing fabrics for use in the latest anti-gravity garments.

Royalty at rest
Our traditional and contemporary hand finished blankets have adorned many prestigious beds including those of royal families across Europe and the Middle East.

House rules
The Mirage Casino in Las Vegas only wanted the best for their casino tables. Hainsworth was able to supply cloth dye-matched to the exact pantone colour specified.