Hainsworth Fabric of a Nation: Interiors Rediscovered

16th June 2020

Iconic textile producers, AW Hainsworth, have announced the launch of their new Interior fabrics range following a year of development work behind the scenes. The latest range combines timeless lines with modern interpretations of texture and colour, resulting in a beautiful collection of must have woollen fabrics for premium interiors.

As proud holders of the Royal Warrant for supplying Furnishing Fabrics to Her Majesty The Queen, Hainsworth have long-established credentials in the Interiors world. Their fabrics adorn royal palaces, luxurious homes and opulent hotels around the globe, and the iconic scarlet covers the historic wool sack in the House of Lords.

The latest range draws upon this unrivalled heritage, utilising skills and craftsmanship learnt over 237 years, combined with modern design techniques and trends. The result is a carefully curated mix of woollen and worsted fabric collections, from classic staples to trend-led textures.

While the range was originally planned for March this year it unfortunately had to be delayed due to the global pandemic. Hainsworth have worked closely with key customers to ensure that the re-scheduled launch happened at the right time, when customers felt they would be back to work and ready to see something new.

At the core of the range is a respect for the fibre, and a genuine love of wool and its many benefits. Wool is a sustainable, renewable resource, with natural characteristics including moisture absorption and resistance to flame, making it a clear choice for safe, resilient yet luxurious interiors.

Hainsworth select only the best possible fibres, matching the fleece qualities to the end use of the fabric, ensuring a truly beautiful finish that no other mill can match. From iconic Doeskin to classic Meltons and contemporary Twills, the new range is made up of 7 collections, comprising must have woollen staples to modern textures and everything in between.

Broadcloth has long been regarded for its lustrous quality and sheen, perfect for accentuating the curves and folds of upholstered furniture and drapery.  At 220cms wide, Hainsworth Broadcloth is the widest woollen faced fabric on the market, and with 21 colours, ensures versatility of project use from modern colour statement pieces to relaxed neutral havens.

The 100% worsted Whipcord has a smooth steep twill, a soft sheen and fluid handle. Suitable for light residential upholstery, cushions and drapes, the Whipcord collection brings a luxurious feel to elegant interiors.

Diane Simpson, Director at AW Hainsworth, says:

“We’ve been proudly producing Interiors fabrics at Hainsworth since the late 90s, and since being awarded our first Royal Warrant in 2005 have continuously proven our commitment to outstanding quality in this market.

The expansion of our in-house design team in early 2019 has been the driver in us taking a fresh look at our Interiors offering, and we’re thrilled to be able to reveal it to the world.”

View the new collection here.