The modern global woman.

LAMULA (Lamula Ltd) is a new Women’s wear label based in the East end of London. The label gains influence from the modern global woman put into one, to portray an immaculate, fresh and sophisticated collection.

The company prides itself on working with British suppliers, designers and manufacturers. In essence to showcase British talent, skill and great quality.

Hainsworth loves working with Lamula

Lamula Anderson says: “I love the fact that Hainsworth was established in 1783 because it gives them the advantage of having a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their cloth.
Staff at the Mill are very knowledgeable about their cloths; from the process of producing the wool to the history of the product.

British woven cloth

“Hainsworth cloths exemplify British woven cloth beautifully. One of our company’s values is about sourcing in the UK and to help build and maintain British made products. Working with Hainsworth makes our company feel proud.

“Their fabrics help to inspire our pieces in many ways. Their cloths are very practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. And their Textile and Innovation Centre is a major plus for us, giving us flexibility in the designing process and helping us to incorporate advanced but also original fabrics.”