Charlie Buckle

The luxurious outerwear fashionista.

High fashion outerwear designer, Charlie Buckle has collaborated with AW Hainsworth on her recently released collection.

The luxurious outerwear fashionista has impressed the likes of Vogue, Tatler and GQ magazine with her AW17/18 collection. Her eye catching unisex garments complement the vibrant colour palette that AW Hainsworth boasts.

You can’t escape the unique yet elegant designs which drape the contour of the body. The designs offer a stylish yet comfortable product. Inspired by health and wellbeing, the designs maximise the benefits and the warmth associated with wool.

Charlie Buckle herself was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, a rare blood disorder that causes the red blood cells to become fragile. This illness has only encouraged her fashion brand, and inspired her ‘quality with comfort’ style.

“My illness affects my day to day life and my fashion brand keeps me going. That’s why it’s so important to me and why my range is inspired by the importance of health and staying warm.”

The luxurious Hainsworth wool used helps them to achieve the sophisticated look whilst taking advantage of the durability and thermal insulation properties that a woollen garment possesses.

Charlie Buckle chooses to use high quality woollen fabric manufactured in Britain. She believes that using British manufacturers not only allows her to choose high quality fabric but being a British company that uses British fabric adds a lot of value to the product and her reputation.

This is one of the reasons the collaboration with Hainsworth is important to her. As a seventh generation British company, Hainsworth boasts unrivalled knowledge, quality and craftsmanship with their woollen fabric. The collection with it’s effortless look has a distinct elegance with the soft and luxurious feel of Hainsworth wool complementing the inspirational style.

The outerwear is designed in vibrant colours from the Vivid Hues Melton collection. Charlie Buckle loves to use colour in her collections which adds to the distinctive style.

“Our garments are predominantly unisex and therefore we look for colours that complement both genders.” 

“I absolutely love working with the fabric, Hainsworth offer a kaleidoscope of colour in their Vivid Hues range.”