Garments Made for a Lifetime.

Boudicca is the London based design duo of Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby. Respected for its integrity, depth of design and attention to detail, it offers collections that are deeply researched and designed while beautifully executed in the finest European fabrics, all with serious attention to the fit and finish of each garment.

Boudicca Garments Made for a Lifetime

Started in 1996, Boudicca aims to create garments that are to be worn for a lifetime and are produced in limited quantities, allowing the wearer to feel a high level of exclusivity in what she owns and reflects Boudicca’s rejection of mass production.

Juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity is another important aspect of the Boudicca aesthetic, with androgyny alluded to through tailoring.

Hainsworth Fabrics for Boudicca Brands

Boudicca has used Hainsworth fabrics to inspire a number of the brand’s iconic coats and capes.

Zowie Broach says: “The quality and beauty of Hainsworth’s fabric is perfect for our work. It is a perfect balance of weight, surface, colour and precision.

“For Boudicca, a fabric becomes like a paint that draws the lines of the idea and it is essential to find those paints. It can take a while for the right fabric and the right idea to find each other but Hainsworth wools are perfect in all ways.

“For us, Hainsworth is all about impeccable service. It is gentle, elegant and friendly; precise with colour and roll referencing, punctual and communicative. An absolute pleasure to work with.”