Alex Mullins

The playful menswear designer.

British menswear designer Alex Mullins has collaborated with AW Hainsworth on his AW19 collection, which was debuted at London Collection Mens in January 2019.

Alex created three panelled coats using bespoke Duffle blanket fabric, a textured blanket fabric which complements Alex’s hand-crafted style and love of experimenting with classic shapes in playful ways. A blend of Merino wool and nylon, this lightweight yet durable fabric is perfect for Alex’s aesthetic and offers the opportunity for him to showcase his talent for creating clothing that transcends gender and stands as a statement to great British design and production.

Alex Mullins Camel Duffle Coat

Alex Mullins says: “I have worked with AW Hainsworth right from the beginning of my career as a designer, for my Graduation Show, visiting the mill and hand selecting cloth. They produce a quality product with a fantastic range of iconic colours that I now trust.”

Julie Greenough, Marketing Manager at AW Hainsworth comments: “With the trend for a return to craftsmanship in design and sustainability, it’s fantastic to see Alex Mullins using our Duffle fabric in his new collection. We believe it’s the ideal choice for the designer seeking pure excellence, true colours and a heritage textile that can be woven into beautiful, everlasting garments that always retain their shape.”