Hainsworth Fashion

Why Choose Hainsworth for Costume?

Authentic Costume Fabrics 

We’ve been weaving iconic woollen fabrics since 1783, selected by costume designers worldwide for their quality, authenticity and true heritage. Authentic costume reproduction requires fabrics to be manufactured to the finest accuracy and detail. Hainsworth can take any historic woollen or worsted textile and, using our in-house experts in the Textile Innovation Centre, can analyse the fabric for its component parts and advise on the manufacture of an exact replica.

Stage and Screen 

Our fabrics are used in costume design from traditional to modern and have been used in many recent films including Cinderella, Jupiter Ascending and the award winning Grand Budapest Hotel. We also offer a range of re-enactment fabrics for various historical periods including Roman, Medieval, Napoleonic, Civil Wars and World War II.

Colour and Quality 

Selected for their quality, colour and authenticity our fabrics come with a world of possibilities. There are so many colours and finishes to choose from and our colour matching is legendary, you’ll be able to find the perfect fabric for your production.

Demanding Environment

Our entire range is available from just 2m and is always in stock. With a dedicated sales team on hand and generations of expert knowledge, we can help you find just what you need for costume from capes and caps to waistcoats and military uniforms.

We’ve edited our range into four key collections for costume, so take a look and order samples online now. Alternatively you can call our sales team on 0113 3955618 or email ivanarosinova@awhainsworth.co.uk to chat about your options.