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True Heritage

True Heritage

There is no denying the origins of Hainsworth True Heritage fabrics, these are very traditional and firmly fixed in the history of Hainsworth and of the Nation. From the creation of Khaki in 1899 to the forming of the RAF in 1917, Hainsworth have been the innovators in the field of Military fabrics. Other mills may replicate Hainsworth original creations, but only Hainsworth provide the genuine article. This range allows the very avid buyer of history and heritage, to experience and become part of the many interesting Hainsworth stories.

Made from wool, the True Heritage range consists of fabrics selected from worsted, over-coating and authentic uniform materials. Widths between 147-150cms.

Their weight and colour is deliberately restricted to their historic origin and worth, keeping the range a pure legacy.


Army No. 2 Dress (900)

Black Barathea (513)

Black Dress Barathea (511)

Black Overcoating Melton

Blue No. 2 (914)

Brick Red Overcoating Melton

British Khaki (RE007)

Grey Overcoating Melton

Indigo Barathea (514)

Khaki Barathea (501)

Khaki Whipcord (WS701)

Midnight Dress Barathea (512)

Navy Barathea (515)

Navy Overall (516)

Navy Overcoating Melton

Navy Serge (WS606)

Piper Green Barathea (510)

Ren Khaki (RE002)

Ren Field Grey

Ren RAF Blue (RE009)

RAF Blue Barathea (WS503)

Rifle Green Barathea (509)

Scarlet Barathea (508)

White Heavy Melton (Velcarb)

World War II Khaki (RE008)

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