Hainsworth Fashion


Hainsworth Meltons have an invitingly smooth finish providing unique, natural properties such as warmth and cushioning due to an expertly tight weave and a heavily brushed nap.

The daring colour palette and supple durability makes this soft fabric unrestricted in its versatility.


Black (ME313)

Bright Blue (ME311)

Bright Scarlet (ME301)

Brown (ME315)

Buff (ME333)

Camel (ME319)

Cavalry Yellow (ME332)

Cherry (ME308)

Dark Scarlet (ME302)

Fawn (ME316)

Forest (ME321)

Light Navy (ME312)

Medical Maroon (ME307)

Powder Blue (ME310)

Primrose (ME305)

Princess of Wales Gold (ME331)

Red (ME303)

Taupe (ME320)

White (ME306)

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