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Doeskin is the preferred choice of the world’s leading designers because of its soft handle and lustrous drape, which works exquisitely to complement the contours of the body and the cut of a garment.

We at Hainsworth are particularly proud of our Doeskin fabric. This traditional cloth is made to exacting standards, upheld through generations, yet it retains a thoroughly luxurious modern feel. The striking colour palette ensures that the Hainsworth Doeskin really stands out from the crowd.

Beautifully simplistic yet stylish and elegant, this fabric is brought to life through the very detailed approach that Hainsworth takes in selecting the best quality fibres, combined with the years of processing knowledge and expertise.

Made from 100% Merino wool, tightly milled, twill weave, face finish. A weight of 390gsm and width of 142cms, it is available in a mixture of traditional and contemporary shades.

The term ‘Doeskin’ originated from the similar appearance and feel of the fabric to the skin of a female deer. Along with the practical purpose for allowing rain to run off the surface in the direction of the nap, the light is captured on the face finish and bounces off the surface to create a lustrous sheen.


AAC Blue (DO116)

Ascot Grey (DO127)

Black (DO113)

Bright Scarlet (DO101)

Brunswick Green (DO011)

Dark Naval (DO112)

Garter Blue (DO128)

Gold (DO103)

Grebe Grey (DO118)

Intelligence Green (DO110)

Medical Maroon (DO126)

Medium Scarlet (DO102)

Mid Blue (DO111)

Minerva Blue (DO131)

Moss Green (DO129)

Navy (DO130)

Para Maroon (DO107)

Purple (DO140)

Ranger Green (DO132)

Rifle Green (DO108)

Straw (DO115)

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