Hainsworth Fashion


The simplest way to see the true potential of Hainsworth cloth is to experience them in person.  On this page you can request a sample of the qualities you would like to see, and we will send these out to you the same day where possible.


  • Barathea Aubergine
  • Barathea Black
  • Barathea Black Dress
  • Barathea Fig
  • Barathea Indigo
  • Barathea Magenta
  • Barathea midnight dress
  • Barathea Navy
  • Barathea Peach
  • Barathea POW
  • Barathea Red
  • Barathea Rifle Green
  • Barathea Royal Blue
  • Barathea Rustic Gold
  • Barathea Stone
  • Barathea tree bark
  • Barathea Twilight


  • Doeskin AAC blue
  • Doeskin ascot grey
  • Doeskin Black
  • Doeskin Bright Scarlet
  • Doeskin Dark naval
  • Doeskin Garter Blue
  • Doeskin Gold
  • Doeskin Grebe Grey
  • Doeskin Intel Green
  • Doeskin Medical Maroon
  • Doeskin Medium Scarlet
  • Doeskin mid blue
  • Doeskin Minerva Blue
  • Doeskin Moss Green
  • Doeskin Navy
  • Doeskin Para Maroon
  • Doeskin Purple
  • Doeskin Rifle Green
  • Doeskin Straw
  • Doeskin white

True Heritage

  • TH Black overcoating
  • TH British Khaki
  • Marble M Charcoal
  • TH Grey overcoating
  • TH Khaki Whipcord
  • Marble M Light Grey
  • TH Navy overcoating
  • TH Navy Serge
  • TH RAF Blue barathea
  • TH REN RAF Blue
  • TH REN Field Grey
  • TH REN Khaki
  • TH Velcarb

Vivid Hues Melton

  • VH Aubergine
  • VH Black
  • VH bright blue
  • VH Brown
  • VH Bright Scarlet
  • VH Camel
  • VH Cav Yello
  • VH Cherry
  • VH Cloudburst
  • Embers
  • VH Dark Scarlet
  • VH Forest
  • VH Graphite
  • VH Light Navy
  • VH Orange
  • Pamplemousse
  • Pale Sea
  • VH Petrol
  • VH Powder Blue
  • VH POW gold
  • VH Rust
  • Truffle
  • VH white

Your swatch pack

Please note that we take your contact details in case we have any queries and need to contact you regarding your sample order. Please note it is only possible to order upto 10 samples through this form, if you require more samples or would like to make an alternative enquiry please use our contact form.

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