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RAF Blue Cloth

RAF Blue

The “Boys in Blue” are in blue thanks to Hainsworth. When the Air force separated from the Army in 1918 and approached Hainsworth for colour ideas to allow them to have their own identity, it was Hainsworth that proposed the distinctive blue cloth that they have worn ever since.

The RAF Blue colour has changed over time but the main colours for Royal Air Force uniforms are Wedgewood blue or blue-grey. Many air forces around the Commonwealth have adopted the same RAF Blue colours for their uniforms but naturally the flashes on their shoulders display their own nationality. The UK ATC and RAF (CCF) wear similar uniforms.

RAF Service Dress
Worn at ceremonial and formal event, the service dress of the RAF is one of the most formal uniforms in existence today. The RAF Service dress has hardly altered from that of the 1920’s comprising trousers and jacket of blue-grey, or for female personnel a skirt in RAF blue. If the weather is cold, a great coat can be worn over the uniform on ceremonial occasions.

The RAF blue colour is always worn unless personnel are serving in tropical regions, in which case a stone colour uniform is worn, or when on operational flying duties. Air crew who are flying dress in a flying suit which is a rather drab olive colour or in Khaki if they are flying over desert regions. Few people know that the leather bomber jacket often seen in movies is purchased at the individual’s expense and can only be worn when the pilot is on the ground.

Hainsworth RAF blue fabric
Hainsworth has more than 200 years of experience in providing fabric for military uniforms and the same care goes into the weaving of woollen cloth not matter which security force we are working for, at home or abroad. However, we always get a sense of pride when we see our RAF personnel dressed in Hainsworth RAF blue fabric.