Hainsworth Fashion

Vivid Hues Meltons have an invitingly smooth finish

Vivid Hues Melton

Doeskin is the preferred choice of the world’s leading designers


Pioneer captures the true essence of the original overcoat fabric


Pilot cloth with its vast historical character

Pilot Cloth

Traditionally worsted, a process differing to a highly woollen produced fabric


There is no denying the origins of Hainsworth True Heritage fabrics

True Heritage

This soft, warm, heavyweight fabric has been blended from luxurious Merino


Made from a worsted spun wool warp with a woollen weft

Cavalry Twill

The Marbling effect of Melange Melton, captures and sparks inspiration in garment design

Marble Melange Melton

Quality & experience invested in their weaving

Earthy Hues Melton